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Project Description

WPF MessageBox is an implementation of a fully customizable MessageBox in WPF which has the exact same interface as the standard MessageBox class.
Customizing the message box is done by using styles and control templates.


  • The class WPFMessageBox has the exact same interface as the current WPF MessageBox class.
  • Implemented as a custom control, thus fully customizable via standard WPF control templates.
  • Has a default control template which looks like the standard MessageBox.
  • Supports all the common types of message boxes: Error, Warning, Question and Information.
  • Has the same “Beep” sounds as when opening a standard MessageBox.
  • Supports the same behavior when pressing the Escape button as the standard MessageBox.
  • Provides the same system menu as the standard MessageBox, including disabling the Close button when the message box is in Yes-No mode.
  • Handles right-aligned and right-to-left operating systems, same as the standard MessageBox.
  • Provides support for setting the owner window as a WinForms Form control.

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