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WPFMessageBoxWindow - Incorrect Property Settings


Here are three properties settings I believe are incorrect/missing:
  1. ShowActivated="True" -- I had to add this because sometimes the messagebox was displayed behind other apps (i.e. when called from application codebehind to inform user that app was already running or that user did not have access to run app. In other words, App.Current.MainWindow was not created yet to set as owner).
  2. SnapsToDevicePixels="True" -- I had to add this because there would sometimes be dark lines between the ControlTemplate background of the WPFMessageBoxControl and the border of the message box window.
  3. ShowInTaskBar="True" -- I changed this from false because the System.Windows.MessageBox shows itself in the taskbar. I believe this functionality is expected with regards to user alerts in case the message box ever gets lost behind another window (i.e. from a different application).